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Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Kevin founded Ntuitivity to continue to do what he loves to do. Help businesses, the government, and people evolve and grow by moving forward past the challenges and obstacles they face with naturally flowing right-fit approaches to achieve practical positive outcomes.

Diverse Insight Matters

Whether they are executives, employees, and/or customers, Kevin has seen a lot in how things get done amongst and within the public, legislation, regulation, business, industry, and technology. His diverse experience goes past focusing on one skill in one area like technology and government. This diversity has widened his aperture to focus on patterns and results to guide success past a vast array of varying challenges. He has lived through what works and what does not work with valuable insight across the wide spectrum of skills and areas to be able to address the most important question of "why". He has moved the most complex and difficult challenges forward while facing significant predictable and unforeseen circumstances by creating approaches and plans that can adapt to whatever occurs and continue to move forward with confidence and ease that the job is going to get done without being painted in a corner.

Sharing that experience, insight, and know how can help many others move forward. Add his network of partners, and the value is exponentially multiplied.

Insight is acquired through experience that can only be gained by doing and we are here to help. 

For over 20 years, Kevin has gained experience and insight by leading successes in Start Ups, Small to Medium Businesses, the Fortune 100/500, and the Federal Government. From staring new ventures in emerging markets to delivering 1st of their kind operations and solutions within the Federal Government that interface with and protect 330 Million customers and all the areas in between, he has gained experience and insight from these successes, and “yes” sometimes failures. He has been through a diverse and expansive set of challenges and opportunities while guiding the creation of bleeding/leading edge solutions; developing emerging markets and ventures; moving companies through mergers and acquisitions; transforming organizations for agility, efficiency, effectiveness, growth, and/or sustainability; and improving the business operations and technology while tackling immense oversight and scrutiny throughout the journey. 

Kevin has led some of the most complex, challenging, and large scale endeavors in the private sector and federal government. 

In the private sector, Kevin created solutions and ventures that exceeded expectations and transformed multiple industries across the Fortune 100/500 to meet new regulations that redefined their customer demand and industries. He enabled IBM to break through emerging markets by guiding the invention of the 1st high performance unlimited access streaming broadcast service that moved the broadcast industry to meet regulations to go digital in a cost-effective manner while simplifying their complex business processes. Everyone soon got their rectangular high def TVs, satellite radios, and never looked back. He continued emerging market development that accelerated new solutions to transform the Financial, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, and Security industries ranging across many service providers and customers in the Fortune 100/500. 

In the federal government, Kevin continued this entrepreneurial approach to tackle large scale problems and achieve previously unachievable outcomes. As a resource for the CTO and business leadership at the Internal Revenue Service, he guided previously unattainable strategies that saved $100s of Millions with an actionable strategy and roadmap that controlled exponential technology debt growth (1.8x per year) by reducing aged technology (-92%) within limited multi year investments. As a federal executive, Kevin was a Chief Information Officer (and Deputy) and a Chief Information Security Officer for 12 years. He guided and led cultural and service transformations with staffs of 50 to 1,000+ employees and annual budgets of $10 Million to $800+ Million. At the United States Patent and Trademark Office, he improved customer experience and reduced legal risk streamlining communications and financial process with customer portals saving $53 Million annually while enabling legal gaps to be narrowed in customer ‘ownership’ disputes. He also delivered website redesigns reducing legal and media risk by 90% and solutions to accurately and quickly publish legal rules for federal judgement 300 times faster than previously attainable.

At the US Census Bureau, Kevin guided and led a large scale and federally significant concept to reality by breaking down barriers for the 2020 Decennial Census. In the first few months, he moved internal and external teams past indecisiveness and risks to ensure the stability and security of the technology going forward. He worked with the business to streamline operational processes to enable automation that increased efficiencies and effectiveness.  He developed, directed, and communicated the "contain and sustain" strategy and architecture to provide always on and always secure services (website and tools) with the cyber agility and automation needed to be able to stop adversaries immediately and adjust to any obstacles going forward.  Continuing the strategy, he influenced new support and solutions from major federal and industry sources by adapting to their varying levels of willingness to commit to ensure the job got done with the right providers for the right reasons. He navigated and maneuvered through immense bureaucracy, legislative, media, and political pressure. He had the insight to plan ahead in technology in case of emergencies and led past unforeseen obstacles like COVID to ensure the job got done without missing a step. It all ended with the successful delivery of the enabling technology for the 1st ever digital Decennial Census in 2020 that collected 135 Million customers' responses digitally over a few months, protected 330 Million customers' personally identifiable data from the most sophisticated adversaries with zero customer downtime and impact. Through this enabling technology, the Census saved an additional $2 Billion under estimates and doubled the operational efficiencies for over 400,000 Census temporary employees.

Lets move forward together with ease

As shown further below, Kevin has continually stabilized, strengthened, and transformed organizations to exceed expectations with greater returns from smaller efforts by amplifying the positives, mitigating the challenges, learning from the failures, and continually adapting.

Ntuitivity and Kevin look forward to being in Contact and sharing How We Do It which is take that journey with you and navigate each path that may come together to put effort in the right places to move forward with ease towards success.

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